Butterfly Cluster

No one would hike with me up to The Constellations so I had to go alone and scoop up some of the most obvious classic lines.

A few butterflies visited me so I named this problem after the open cluster of stars in Scorpius called Butterfly Cluster.

It is so clean up there that I didn’t need to brush anything to make this first first ascent of the area.

(This video shows me bouldering it for the second time.)


I took a 10 inch folding saw. With a bit of cutting at the most branchy parts of the trail, I managed to wear a small crash pad the entire way up the trail with less difficulty than I thought. The trail is still rugged but it is improving at least a little bit with each trip.

Peter and the Wolf

In the middle of May 2016, Tim Doyle made the first ascent of a fantastic new problem he called Peter and the Wolf. On a beautiful boulder with comfortable holds and burly moves which lead the climber naturally towards the boulder’s highest point, this problem is bound to become a destination even at its somewhat obscure location. Best guesses at the moment put the problem somewhere in the V8-V10 range.

Marek Gomolka worked the problem with Tim on the day of the first ascent. Marek returned on June 3, 2016 for the second ascent which I caught on video.

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