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Marc aka @thegnarwall getting inverted on the black council #Squamish #bouldering #climbing

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Yesterday I successfully took down (pulled up) "Portable" which I tried for the first time at the "Superfly" Boulder back in 1999!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ β€’ For everyone wonderful what the heck this is, let me give you some background on this feat of strength: In Squamish BC, beside the Superfly boulder, there is an ordinary looking square rock. I think it is roughly 40 pounds. There are a couple ways of picking it up, but the testpiece is with only one hand and your thumb in a little notch. We also picked it up with another place but it's easier, call it the warm-up… Anyways, just picking it up with one hand requires phenomenal hand strength and it makes it easier if your hands are big (might as well roll out the excuses while I can 😏)… πŸ– β€’ Once you have mastered the "pick-up", there are a few rumoured lines that have been added. One is to throw it in the air and catch it in the same spot with the other hand… Another is to pick it up (as a pinch obv) and climb the adjacent slab of the Superfly boulder… Both of these are currently future projects for me, but for now I'm happy just picking it up πŸ€— β€’ I'm incredibly happy with my send and it wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement of the Squamish community, my friends and family for the 17 years of support and of course my sponsors whom without I couldn't have travelled the world in search of the wisdom and power to come home and send this life long project… Thank you! πŸ™πŸ»

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The weekend approaches. // Ramen Raw V7, Apron Boulders

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Il faut souffrir pour Γͺtre forte πŸ’πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Yew! It's been an unreal season! All of my dream projects that I always thought were way out of my league have been going down. The other day with an awesome crew I was able to send The Reckoning Stand (v10) – so psyched! I feel all kinds of fortune to be able to get outside with my homies and enjoy the magic of the Squamish forests. Thanks for the sweet shot @jeffhyoo! . For the past few months Julie @j00kab00 and I have been working to build a charity to share the experience and culture of rock climbing along with the love for the outdoors with youth who otherwise may never have the opportunity. We're proud to announce we're working with CascadiaNow! as our fiscal sponsor to become a project with official non-profit and tax-exempt status. Currently we're developing our programs and partnering with local youth agencies and climbing gyms in the Seattle area to bring these kids into the awesome and supportive climbing community. We recognize the outdoors is a privilege and everyone deserves to have the opportunity to enjoy its beauty. Check us out and follow us @verticalgeneration as we continue to grow – we appreciate all of your incredible support and love! #verticalgeneration #outdooroots

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