25 x V4 Circuit

Tim Schaufele created an excellent 100 point circuit comprising 25 problems he considers V4. Climbing the whole circuit makes for a big but fun day.

  1. Pocket Problem
  2. Atlas
  3. Trad Killer
  4. Star Fish
  5. The Golden Bowl (stand start)
  6. Mantle Madness
  7. Fish Food
  8. Charge (stand start to Autobody)
  9. The Rail Thing
  10. Child Abuse
  11. Lipsmack Traverse
  12. Superfly
  13. Easy in an Easy Chair
  14. Palminator
  15. Practical Horseman
  16. Propagandi
  17. Chicken Burger and the Devil
  18. Skin Graft
  19. Sloppy Poppy
  20. Hmmm
  21. Pulling Teeth
  22. Thighmaster
  23. Black Mark
  24. Mantis
  25. Timeless


  • Squamish Jump Start
  • Tea Bag Undies
  • Tim’s Sloper Problem

Tim Schaufele published this circuit in the first issue of Squamish Climbing Magazine in August 2009. The PDF is still available on his site and contains maps and descriptions of the problems.

If you are looking for full value, be warned. Tim Doyle made it clear that “alternates are for pussies.”

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